In more than a hundred years of activity the processing techniques are passed on traditional craftsmanship in a modern methodology that makes use of sophisticated machinery while maintaining respect for tradition. We use modern and efficient machines for both the machining and quality control.

We also can boast a unique machine in Italy: stampatrice per tappi tecnici.


It cuts the cork strips of variable thickness.

Die cutter
It produces the cork stopper by a strip of cork obtained from the machine tagliabanda.

Tavola densimetrica
It brings in the correct density granules milled from the mill , which will be added to the glue into the printing machine.

It has the function of uniforming the height to the preset value.

Sceglitrice elettronica
It chooses the cork stopper differentiating into five classes of quality, depending on its porosity.

Autoclave a vapore
It sterilises the cork stopper and granulated cork with saturated steam.

Macchina lavaggio
It washes the cork stopper which must be printed.

Macchina timbratrice

It grinds cork that remains after passing through the die cutter.

The cork residue is not a waste, as it is chopped in a grain of variable thickness and pressed to obtain cork stopper or other products of the second quality.

Manual selection
Printer machine for agglomerated cork stoppers