Sugherificio Castello has its flagship product in caps for Wineries, Vinegar factories, Oil Mills and Distilleries and offers customization of the product with the customer’s logo on request. We work with companies throughout Italy, offering a craftsmanship and quality product for more than a century. The range of products we offer is wide and includes:

– One-piece colmated natural cork stoppers
– Agglomerated cork body with natural cork discs or microgranulated
– Microgranulated cork stoppers
– Cork stoppers with natural cork discs for sparkling wine

Our products

Cork granules
Cork discs
Special cork stoppers
One-piece colmated natural cork stopper
Agglomerated cork body 1+1 with micro-granulated discs
Agglomerated cork body 1+1
with natural cork discs
Microgranulated cork stopper
Cork stopper with natural cork discs for sparkling wine
Micro-granulated cork stopper for sparkling wine